Keynote of desire

Fandom: eduBlogger
Relationship: Wiley/Downes
Rating: G+
Setting: unnamed conference
Authorship: eduSlash
Words: 322

A keynote is meant to inspire, and for David this one was doing all that and more. His old blogging adversary, Stephen, was closing an action packed conference with a considered and transformative survey of the open education scene.

“The audience are hanging on his every word!” he thought, as he kept half an eye on the twitter display on his lap.

But part of David felt almost betrayed by this. Stephen was his. All those arguments, all those flame wars, it was as if it was their own private Vietnam – an experience that they had both lived through and had brought about an unbreakable bond between them.

And lately it was as if the fire was going out of these exchanges. Somehow, David knew that it may not be much longer before they were entries in each others blog roll, nothing more.

Stephen drew to a close, and held his strong, masculine hand up to spot the inevitable round of applause. “I’ll take a few questions now, if that’s OK?”

David saw himself stand up and and an attendant passed him the mic.

“Stephen,” he begun, his voice unnaturally hoarse and nervy. “Steven… I love you, I always have. I can’t fight this any longer. All those arguments, all those years of fighting, perfecting arguments. I’m putting those weapons down now. We were born to be together”

Stephen Downes stepped back, startled – his perfect sliver beard fluttering in the air-conditioning.

“Please Stephen. I can’t live without you any more. Come with me… we can travel the world together. Imagine us in London, Paris, Sydney, Cape Town… All this fighting, it’s just a front, I know you feel the same. Please – please, love me”


The conference hall was empty. David, sat, alone, transfixed. One day he would speak those words. But for now, another chance had passed.

He blinked away the tears, that to his surprise he found were welling gently behind his glasses.


Forbidden Love

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